How To Translate PressTicket?

PressTicket support multi-language, so you can translate it in your language by step by step as below, its so easy.

  • Download Poedit (Windows & Mac versions available) & install it on your computer
  • Start the software and click on the “Open” button
  • Browse to wp-content/plugins/pressticket/language/ directory.
  • Open the file wpo-default.po
  • Translate each line using the Translation box
  • Save the translated file and name it as follows: code_COUNTRYCODE (eg. wpo-en_GB.po / wpo-fr_FR.po … for more info, pls visit
  • 2 files will be created: 1 .po file and 1 .mo file
  • Copy those 2 files in wp-content/plugins/pressticket/language/ folder.